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Annabel Harper

Annabel Harper works with clients to develop themselves and their businesses into entrepreneurial, innovative and collaborative environments which are agile and fit for the future. Annabel was named 2017’s Global Coaching Top 50 UK Coach by the prestigious CV Magazine and Annabel’s company, Change Connections was named as Best Executive Development Company in the UK 2017 by the same publication. Annabel believes that organisations thrive and survive with the right people on board who have a sense of meaning and purpose about their work which fits those of the organisation itself. Essential to business success is good leadership, from the very top to the most junior levels. Old models of leadership no longer work in these changing and disruptive times and leaders need to adapt quickly and develop different ways of being in order to move into the future with confidence. As well as her coaching expertise, Annabel is an accredited facilitator and accredited workplace mediator.  She has extensive experience in the Middle East and has a MA in Middle Eastern Studies.  Her dissertation focused on women and leadership in the United Arab Emirates. Annabel works with a select group of associates to deliver the best solutions for clients.

Working with leaders is about bringing out the best, developing what’s already there and learning new skills. Without the right kind of leadership, organisations can falter and lose their best people. Sometimes, business people find themselves in positions of leadership without a good understanding of what makes the difference between a successful manager and an outstanding leader. Coaching encourages self-development and self-awareness and can help to support and sustain existing, new and emerging leaders. Annabel sees her role as a partner in leadership development, working alongside each client to bring out their best selves, and the best selves of their people.

Following university, Annabel went into journalism, and trained as a broadcast journalist, producer and editor across both television and radio and worked for more than 25 years in the UK and Northern Ireland for ITN, Channel Four News and the BBC. After moving into management at the BBC, she became involved with coaching, mentoring and training, before leaving to set up her own coaching business.

Annabel has travelled extensively for business and pleasure, including trekking in Peru and walking the Rift Valley in Kenya. She sings in a choir, enjoy walking her dogs, plays tennis not very well and has been involved for some years with the Brain and Spine Foundation. She provides pro bono coaching for budding entrepreneurs through the New Entrepreneurs Foundation and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

“Career experience has given me a unique insight into some of  the issues that arise within multi-layered businesses.”

A brilliant motivator and great at giving both gentle encouragement and a firmer “push” when needed.

Television Industry
Junior Manager

I would like to thank you again for your support and guidance during the last week.


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  • MA Middle Eastern Studies, Merit (King's College, London)
  • MA Coaching & Mentoring Practice, Merit (Oxford Brookes University)
  • BSc (Soc Sci) Hons (Southampton University)
  • Cert de Civilisation Française (La Sorbonne, Paris)


  • Accredited Workplace Mediator
  • Association for Coaching Accredited Executive Coach
  • Diploma in the Neuroscience of Leadership
  • ORSC Alchemy: the Art of Creating Relationships
  • ORSC: Organisational and Relationships Systems at Work
  • Nancy Kline’s The Thinking Partnership Course
  • Nancy Kline’s Time to Think® Foundation Course
  • Accredited Time To Think® Facilitator
  • British Psychological Society: Level A and Level B Occupational Testing
  • NEO PI-R Accredited
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Accredited
  • Hogan: HPI, HDS, MVPI Certified
  • MTS 360 Trained Facilitator
  • Work Interests Schedule Accredited User
  • Belbin Team Role Accredited User
  • Certified Confidence Coach using CBT
  • Leading and Managing Teams (BBC); Coaching and Mentoring (BBC)
  • Fluent French


  • Fellow, Royal Society of Arts
  • Associate Member, Professional Speaking Association
  • Association for Coaching Full Member
  • Past Association for Coaching UK Board Director and Head of Communications
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council