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Organisations are defined by their leadership

Our passion is good leadership.  From the top to the very bottom of every organisation.  It doesn’t just rest with the top tier – it’s about how everyone shows up.  We want to help you become your best, adapt to changing environments, manage disruptive change, bring innovation into your leadership to inspire you to create a more collaborative culture in your organisation to ignite creativity and bring out the very best in your people.

One-to-One Coaching

Each session is based around your own objectives and purpose, and with careful listening and questioning from your coach, and in a confidential setting, you will develop a deeper understanding about yourself, your role and the impact you can have on creating a better environment in the organisation.

“Working with leaders is about bringing out the best, developing what’s already there and learning new skills.”


Team Coaching

Good leaders need good teams around them.

Coaching brings an understanding of the dynamics of teamwork, how relationships work within the team and what makes these relationships deliver the best results for the organisation.

“One of the key skills of good coaching is the ability to listen, not just to what is being said, but also to what is unsaid.”


Facilitation with Groups

Group discussions can be more purposeful with good facilitation.  A facilitator helps to guide these conversations, listening carefully, observing and drawing together the narratives.  This allows the group to move forward with their objectives in a safe and managed environment and to develop their own sense of community and balance in their working relationships.

Coaching for Confidence

Our clients tend to be leaders, some at the top of their organisations, or senior executives just below Board level.  Among other things, they may be in transition; newly appointed; seeking to develop their strategic leadership skills, or elevate their confidence and motivation.

Presentation Skills

Are you confident in meetings? Do others pay attention when you’re giving a presentation?  Learn tips and techniques to increase your confidence and presence whether it’s addressing a board meeting, speaking to the press, interviewing for a new job or making a speech.

Psychometric Profiling & 360 Feedback

We use a variety of psychometric  and 360 feedback tools where and when appropriate and enjoy applying a range of coaching approaches.  Our methods are not prescriptive, and we adjust and adapt according to the needs, agenda and learning style of the client.